School-Age Programs

Our School-Age Program is designed for children 5 years old – 12 years old.

ABC Child Development Centers and Bright School-Age Centers have been partnering with Districts around Weld County since 1989 when we were first asked to design and provide high-quality on-site before and after-school care. Eliminate the transportation hassle, let us help with homework, and let us organize fun school-day out field trips for your child. Why else should you choose us for your School-Age care needs?

Flexible Hours

We are here to help cover those early morning and late afternoon needs as our School Age programs run from 6 am to 6 pm. We are open year-round excluding the 6 major holidays.

Defined Interest Areas

When you walk into our School-Age programs you will see organized and defined interest areas to help your child engage with materials that are of interest to them. Whether they want to utilize our fully-stocked art cart to express themselves, engage in a board game with peers,  or relax in a quiet and comfortable reading area, we have the place for them.

High-Quality Programming and Curriculum

A lot of time and effort goes into our Curriculum, and your child’s needs and interests are all taken into account as plan and implement activities. One of the biggest hurdles a lot of school-age programs face is finding a way to make educational content fun and engaging. We take pride in providing and embedding learning experiences into activities that your child will enjoy and participate in. Our curriculum involves all the senses as children do STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) projects, cooking projects, and more.

Included Field-Trips

On full days out of school, and during breaks (fall, winter, and spring), we take pride in organizing fun and engaging field trips and experiences. Some of our favorite field trips include  Rollerland, Loveland Laser Tag, Swimming, and Bowling. All field trips are included at no additional cost to you.

Age-Appropriate Design

We know that our younger School-Age children have different developmental levels than our older School-Age children, which is why we designed our school-age program to accommodate both. We split children into two groups – Juniors and Seniors. By separating the children based on age, we can help your child make the most out of their time with us, and provide them with age-appealing experiences.

Interactive Summer Camp

Our summer camp is designed with your child in mind. In addition to weekly field trips, your child will have access to free swimming lessons, specialty camps (football, golf, cheer, cooking, etc.), and much more. Our summer curriculum has the perfect balance of play and hands-on learning to help bridge the gap between each school year in a way that is fun and engaging to your child.


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