Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs

Our Preschool Program is designed for children 2.6 years old to 5 years old.

At ABC Child Development Centers, we offer a high-quality Preschool curriculum through two different channels, each with the same goal in mind, which is to provide your child with skills to last a lifetime.  

Free Preschool – Universal Preschool Colorado

Preschool at our Large Centers  

Your child will be engaged in a full-day program that is designed to meet their unique needs. What can you expect from our full-day preschool?

Character Development

All children develop in a way that is unique to them, and here at ABC Child  Development Centers, our teachers are ready to help your child grow and strengthen their security,  confidence, and regulation, through empathy, recognition, and acceptance. Your preschooler will be positively redirected and shown what they can do, instead of being told what they cannot do. “Children who are given a strong foundation in social and emotional literacy experience less stress, are  better able to express themselves, self-manage their behaviors and reactions, and lead more fulfilling  social lives.” Kaplan Early Learning

Developmentally Appropriate Assessments and Portfolios-

As your child moves from classroom to classroom, teachers will set individual learning goals for your child and keep a portfolio that showcases your child’s growth while they are with us. Upon completion of each classroom, you will be given a portfolio that is full of photographs, artwork, writing samples, and more. Within the portfolio and twice throughout the year, you will receive copies of your child’s assessments which we conduct to individualize the curriculum and experiences we provide within the classroom and also to measure your child’s academic progress.

Defined Interest Areas

Children thrive when they are in organized and structured environments.  Teachers will work one-on-one with our Director of Quality Improvement to create a room layout that works best for their particular room. All of our play spaces and materials are aligned with the Early  Childhood Environmental Rating Systems (ECERS), which is used by our state to recognize quality. We go beyond the basics and work to enhance each area to make it more engaging and more meaningful to your child. Defined Interest Areas you will find in our classrooms include but are not limited to math,  science, sensory, blocks, dramatic play, music, literacy, writing, and fine motor.

Engaging Schedule

Our Preschool schedule is designed with time for both academics and play, both of which work together to create a unique learning experience for your child. The schedule allows for flexibility, but it also ensures learning is embedded throughout the day. During core teaching times, your child will sing songs, play games, and work on critical skills in a way that is non-threatening and engaging to them.

Colorado Preschool Program  

ABC Child Development Centers and Bright-School Age Centers are in their 9th year of partnering with  District 6 as a community partner for the Colorado Preschool Program. This program is free for qualifying families and runs Tuesday-Friday with 3-hour sessions. For more information, please visit

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