Evans, CO Child Care

Enroll in preschool, daycare, or after-school programs in Evans, CO. ABC Child Development Centers offers comprehensive programming for Northern Colorado.

Evans, CO Child Care

Evans sits just south of Greeley in northern Colorado and features a variety of parks, open-space areas, motels, and restaurants. The zoned elementary schools for Evans include Centennial, Dos Rios, Heiman, and Bella Romero Elementary School. Parents searching for quality preschool, daycare, and after-school programs in Evans rely on ABC Child Development Centers and Bright School-Age Centers. These comprehensive childcare programs for Northern Colorado are run by caring and compassionate people dedicated to helping families in the community.

Evans Preschool – Build a Solid Foundation

ABC offers preschool for 3 to 4-year-olds. The program features a developmentally appropriate curriculum to help children build a solid foundation for school. Their skill teachers and caregivers focus on social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development in a safe and fun environment. To learn more or enroll your child in a great preschool in Evans, visit their website.

Evans Daycare – Trusted Caregivers & Developmental Progress

ABC also offers daycare in Evans for infants and toddlers. They have trained caregivers and a nurturing environment to help infants develop and thrive. They also provide the same great level of care for toddlers, with the addition of age-appropriate educational programming to develop curiosity and help children learn and grow through first steps and potty training.

Evans After-School Programs – A Safe, Fun, & Productive Environment

There are also safe, enriching after-school programs in Evans through ABC Child Development Centers. These programs offer a supervised environment after school hours that properly blends learning and fun. Other benefits include homework support, arts, technology, fitness, and more to ensure children can have fun and be productive.

About the Early Learning Center in Northern Colorado

ABC Child Development Centers and Bright School-Age Centers partner with families, school districts, and community entities throughout Northern Colorado to better serve children with quality early learning and child care. They provide positive, comprehensive growth opportunities with an emphasis on the following:
  • Education
    • They strive to provide the finest educational experience for all children, emphasizing school readiness and life-long learning. They do this through developmentally appropriate academic curriculum and assessment.
  • Character Development
      • They not only focus on education, but on building a solid sense of self-esteem, achievement, and leadership in each child. This is done through focusing on sharing, caring patience, honesty, forgiveness, kindness, and justice.
  • Environment
    • They provide safe, clean, and stimulating child development centers in Evans and beyond that provide a healthy atmosphere to facilitate learning. They also include enrichment activities such as swimming, dance, movement, foreign language, music, creative outside play spaces, sports camps, and fun field trips.
  • Family Partnerships
    • They support positive family relationships, allowing parents a voice in their child’s educational development. Parents also enjoy peace of mind knowing that their children are in safe, trusted hands.
  • Professionalism
    • They lead the childcare and early learning centers with certified and dedicated staff with years of experience and education. The highest standards of integrity and leadership are expected of all staff. ABC also provides training and mentoring for education students.

Enroll in Our Child Care Programs for Evans, CO

Visit the ABC Child Development Centers website or give them a call to learn more about available childcare programs in Evans and to enroll your child. They urge parents to review their school list to see which options best match their needs. They offer several locations throughout Greeley/Evans including:
  • ABC West Child Development Center (ages 1 – 6)
  • ABC East Child Development Center (ages 3 – 5)
  • ABC Central Child Development Center (ages 1 – 13)
  • McAuliffe Bright School-Age Center (ages 5 – 13)
  • Monfort Bright School-Age Center (ages 5 – 13) – Transportation to University AM Only
  • Scott Bright School-Age Center (ages 5 – 13)
  • Shawsheen Bright School-Age Center (ages 5 – 13) – Transportation to/from: Winograd
  • Heiman Bright School-Age Center (ages 5 – 13) – Transportation to/from: Frontier
  • Union Colony Bright School-Age Center (ages 5 – 13)
  • Dos Rios Bright School-Age Center (ages 5-13) – Transportation to/from: Centennial
  • Meeker Bright School–Age Center (ages 5-13) – Transportation to/from: Jackson
  • West Ridge Academy Bright School–Age Center (ages 5-13)
  • University Schools “Elementary Campus” (ages 5-12) – After School PM Only
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