Assets of ABC Shining School Age Center for Children


ABC Child Development Center began operations in 1986. Through child care programs best services for Greenfield and proximate communities are delivered with the help of a professional and dedicated team of early learning centers. The expertise and faithfulness of ABC directors reflect the trusting, secure, and warm environment for the children which helps them to flourish their potential. 

Children grow in an environment where there are the best opportunities for education, a safe environment, participation in activities, and other after-school programs are performed. ABC Child development center designs such programs that are based on the needs and interests of their children. 

Modules at ABC Shining School 

Firstly for infants (6 weeks to 11 months) a calm environment ensuring cleanliness and safety is the topmost priority of early learning centers.  There are separate and secure surroundings for all the activities such as playing, sleeping, feeding etc. Best methodologies are being used for performing each and every activity with proper care. Further, with the help of one-to-one interactions, there is the existence of more bonding including trust among the staff and infants. Secondly, for the toddlers (12 months to 32 months) certain activities are provided to deal with various opportunities that help the children to learn and explore. Equipped rooms with safety tunnels that help in moving around freely with the large form of playground for outdoor-based activities that helps in enhancing their skills. Moreover social, physical, and emotional skills of toddlers are developed through various activities. All the daily needs of the children ranging from language acquisition to speech development and motor skills are met equally with extra care. Authentic assessment-based tools are being utilized for daily observations and developing new opportunities. 

Preschool programs (for 3 to 5 years) consist of two types of study and activities areas that are divided into age groups i.e one for 3 to 4 years of age and another room for 4 to 5 years of age. Both indoor and outdoor activities are being performed by students with the help of professional staff. Building confidence and independence are taught to the children with the safest and most secure form of environment. Along with this, Children are provided with the freedom to explore the activities based on their interests. This helps them in the long term from a motivation and confidence point of view. 

Module for school aged children (from grade 1 to 6) provides a good learning environment for education.  Huge and safe space is provided for performing various activities such as social, sports, related, art based, that bring the development in the 6 to 12 years of age children.  Instead, this separate area is provided for quiet activities such as reading books and for educational project related activities. Moreover, all the equipment related to sports is also provided. Various after-school programs are arranged such as summer programs, trips, gaming activities and many more. All these modules of child care programs based on different age groups develop each and every skill of the children. 

Child’s development & Self-esteem is valued 

ABC Child development center provides a valuable form of supervision to each and every child. Educating the children through playing, caring, and evolving them in different activities by the professional staff is also among the topmost priority. Each child is valued as an important individual. Furthermore, the development of every child is done in unique ways. The experienced staff helps the children to learn through their personal experiences. Self-esteem is provided to every child who is mandatory for learning things in the long run. 

Other Assets of Child Advancement Center 

  1. A – Active Minds and Bodies : 

Child care programs are organized in such a way that educating and learning are done along with the physical activities where the kids are given the opportunity to participate in indoor games, outdoor games, music, dancing, and sports. After-school programs also help in shaping the minds and bodies of kids in the active form. Infants are taught with the playing activities and toddlers learn to share and care. 

  1. B- Builds confidence & brain :

The early learning center organizes teachers-based program plans that help the kids to build their confidence and brain by performing various activities. Fresh, healthy, real, delicious, and hygienic meals are provided to the kids in order to boost their brains. Making every child feel special and valued, including encouraging them, helps in building their confidence. Confidence and sharp minds among children are helpful for the children in the long run.

  1. C – Communication, Character & Community :

Child care programs help in communicating face-to-face interactions with the parents which help in better understanding of kids for performing classroom activities. It also enhances the level of communication among children. Various character-based traits like patience, models of sharing, and celebrating together are developed which will help them at present and throughout their life.  It is mandatory for the children to understand and help the community; this is done by enabling them to participate in the local community-based events. It is essential for every child to learn the ABC of their life which is the mandatory component in order to live a better life. 

  1. Fun-centered approach – The teaching style by the expert staff is followed on the basis of a strategy based on a fun-centered form of approach which creates an excitement for the kids to learn. 
  2. Security and Nutrition – Providing the kids with a secure environment using the webcam technology where the parents can also look at activities on their kids whenever they wish to.  Along with the healthy and delicious food, proper care is being provided to the children who are having allergic reactions to some food and are provided with meals of their body type.  Fruits, vegetables are served to the children on a daily basis. 

ABC Child Development Center believes in providing the skills and values to children from an early age which is helpful throughout their lifespan. 

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