Infant Programs

Our infant program caters to children aged 6 weeks to 11 months. 

Feeling uneasy about leaving your infant in someone else’s care? You’re not alone. Did you know that choosing high-quality caregivers can positively impact your baby’s social, emotional, and cognitive development? Here at ABC Child Development and Bright School-Age Centers, we take pride in creating a home-like environment for your infant during your absence.

Wondering what to expect when we care for your baby?

  • A Calming Environment: We provide a soothing environment, minimizing brightness, maintaining cleanliness, and limiting recorded music to prevent overwhelming your infant.

  • Defined Areas: Our infant rooms are strategically divided into separate areas for eating, sleeping, playing, and changing diapers. This layout facilitates seamless transitions and ensures cleanliness, safety, and individualized scheduling.

  • Secure Open Spaces: Recognizing the importance of movement for muscle development, our secure open spaces—indoors and outdoors—allow infants to explore without restriction.

  • Personal Touches: Upon enrollment, our Infant Nursery Supervisor collaborates with your family to add personal touches such as family photos, creating a more homelike atmosphere. We also partner with parents to maintain consistency in feeding, sleeping, and other routines.

  • Developmentally Appropriate Materials: From unbreakable wall mirrors to accessible squishy blocks, our carefully designed infant rooms feature materials to help infants achieve developmental milestones. Our teachers undergo ongoing professional development to support each infant’s unique goals.

We look forward to meeting your family and providing a personalized experience that adapts as your family grows.

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