Easter Arts & Crafts Ideas for Children

How about a few Easter decorating ideas for your little ones?

Since Easter’s just a short while away, now’s a terrific time to prepare with fun ideas in the arts & crafts department. We’d like to show some of the many ways to enjoy creating crafted eggs and bunnies with your children.

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Easter Arts & Crafts Ideas for Children

  1. Potato-Stamp Easter Eggs – What is a potato stamp, you may wonder? It’s a potato, sliced in half, with designs carved into the interior, then painted, and used for stamping anything. Since potatoes are shaped like eggs, they work perfectly for stamping Easter-themes and colors onto papers, signs, or anything else (hopefully not the floor).
  2. Popsicle Stick Chicks – Take some popsicle sticks, paint them yellow with acrylic paint, attach googly eyes, and use yellow/orange construction paper to configure wings, feet, and beaks. It’s pretty easy even for toddlers, giving them the chance to create a whole nest or flock of Easter birdies.
  3. Easter Lolly Jars – These involve decorating small or medium-sized mason jars, transforming them into bunnies, chicks, or other Easter themes. You can show your child to apply decoupage to the inside of the jar, sprinkle it with colored glitter, glue cardboard feet/wings to the outside, and add googly eyes. We would call this an intermediate-level task, but you can make lolly jars as simple or complex as you’d like. They also make a terrific place to store all the forthcoming Easter candies and treats.
  4. Paper Easter Baskets – This activity is a little tougher, so parents/teachers would need to help children through part or all of the process. The basic elements involve weaving strips of construction paper together to form an Easter basket. Other supplies you’ll need include glue (or tape) to go along with thick, colored paper. This one will keep them busy for a while, especially if you use an array of colors, requiring them to weave together several papers to finish the project.

Those are just a few fantastic ways to cultivate Easter cheer with your little one. There are many others, with difficulty levels made suitable for children of various ages.

Happy Easter from ABC Windsor Child Development Center!

We hope you enjoy these novel Easter ideas. These are some ones we might make with the children enrolled in our preschool and other childcare programs.

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