Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs

Our Preschool Program is designed for children 2.6 years old to 5 years old. 

At ABC Child Development Centers, we provide a top-notch Preschool curriculum through two distinct avenues, both aimed at equipping your child with skills that will last a lifetime.

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Preschool at ABC West

Immerse your child in a full-day program meticulously crafted to cater to their unique needs. Wondering what our full-day preschool entails?

Fostering Character Development Witness your child’s growth as our teachers at ABC Child Development Centers nurture their security, confidence, and regulation through empathy, recognition, and acceptance. Positive redirection guides them towards what they can do, fostering social and emotional literacy for a more fulfilling social life.

Individualized Assessments and Portfolios Experience personalized learning goals and portfolios as your child progresses through classrooms. Our developmental assessments, shared twice a year, shape a curriculum tailored to their needs and measure academic progress.

Structured Interest Areas Organized environments promote thriving, and our teachers collaborate with the Director of Quality Improvement to create room layouts aligned with quality standards. Beyond basics, our classrooms feature defined interest areas, enhancing engagement and meaning for your child in math, science, sensory exploration, and more.

Dynamic Preschool Schedule Our schedule seamlessly blends academics and play, creating a unique learning experience. Flexibility is balanced with embedded learning throughout the day, incorporating song, games, and skill-building during core teaching times.

Colorado Preschool Program Partnership In its 9th year, ABC Child Development Centers partners with District 6 for the Colorado Preschool Program, offering free sessions for qualifying families on Tuesday-Friday. For more details, visit


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