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Child care services should always suit the needs of the child and family. Since we take this most seriously, we’ve devised multiple strategies and programs to offer the most comprehensive care possible. This can be everything from simple babysitting to special-needs education (and so much in between).

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Let’s preview some of the important considerations for selecting a child care program, along with some of the popular teaching methods you may find interesting.

Top Considerations for Finding a Child Care Provider

  • Consistent Care – Small children depend on routine and structure. This is why it’s essential to offer a consistent service, which is only possible from trained and exceptional providers. Never forget that this is where you would take your child to spend several hours each day. Therefore, you should expect a stable and nurturing atmosphere for your child.
  • A Child’s Specific Needs – This might involve attention to specific medical/health conditions, sleep patterns, and behavioral support. No two children are exactly alike. In light of that, some parents may prefer either an individual caregiver or a more sociable daycare environment, contingent upon the needs of the child.
  • Physical & Mental Health – Yes, the school or daycare environment can play a crucial role in these two areas. If, for example, your child has a learning disability, you would need to know whether the program offers attention to fostering and overcoming such difficulties.

Various Ways to Deliver Outstanding Care

  1. Preschool Education – This is often the first taste of formal education for children, but, of course, our goal is to make it as friendly, non-intimidating, and fruitful as possible. Depending on your preferences, this can incorporate after-school activities and individualized assessments. At our facility, this begins for children as young as 2 ½ years old, lasting through five years of age.
  2. Toddler Programs – Then, there’s even daycare support even sooner than that, aimed at children between 12 months and 2 ½ years old. This features lavish playing environments, indoor/outdoor spaces, and even just good, old-fashioned fun molding Playdough or building sand castles.
  3. An Array of Teaching Methods – Once you reach preschool age and older, there are several ways to foster academic development. You may have heard of some of these special teaching methods: Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Millia, and more. Some of them, like Reggio Millia, place more emphasis on community education, whereas the Montessori style features almost uninhibited personal exploration for children.

Explore Many Other Effective Child Care Programs with Us

What you’ve read thus far is only a short preview of what we deliver to dozens of children at our delightful school in Greeley, CO. In this community, we’ve received Best of Greeley 2023 honors for our dedicated efforts.
ABC East Child Development Center offers all these nurturing programs and more, which you can explore throughout our website. We also invite you to visit one of our Bright Schools anytime. If you’d like to learn more beforehand, then feel free to reach our location by calling 970-352-2222.

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