Quality Commitment

At ABC Child Development Centers & Bright School-Age Centers, our dedicated mission is centered on Health/Safety, Enrichments, Staff, and a Commitment to Quality.

Quality Commitment

In 2015, we fully committed to the Colorado Shines Quality Rating system for child care centers. Today, each of our Child Care centers proudly holds a perfect 5 out of 5 ranking on the quality scale. Achieving this top rating is rare, with less than 10% of programs in the State reaching this level.

We proudly maintain our standing as the only Centers in Weld County with a consistent 5 rating. We believe that the classroom environment and its layout act as a silent teacher, and play a big factor in determining how successful children will be. Each Director works carefully with our Director of Quality Improvement to design a classroom layout that is the most appropriate and will be the most growth fostering for the teacher and the children.All of our classrooms feature

  • Quiet and Active areas that are separated
  • Toys and Materials that low shelves accessible to children
  • Materials that are organized and labeled to help support children’s independence
  • Interest Centers that are organized and filled with developmentally appropriate materials
  • Bright, colorful pictures down at the child’s level
  • Family photos to help make the environment more comfortable
  • Handwashing timers to promote appropriate handwashing

Meet our Director of Quality Improvement  

For almost a decade, Briana Meza has been a dedicated member of our company. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, she has devoted herself to ensuring the best possible conditions for the children under our care. Adept in both ITERS and ECERS assessment tools that evaluate classroom quality,

Briana is also a CLASS trainer and certified observer, with a focus on teacher-child interactions. Actively involved in observations across all our classrooms, she collaborates directly with teachers and their Directors to foster growth that directly impacts the care the children receive. Additionally, Briana plays a pivotal role in helping our centers prepare for quality ratings and conducts professional development for our teachers.

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