Mother’s Day Gifts To Do With Toddlers 

When a child reaches the toddler stage of their development, they begin to develop more cognitive function and motor skills. They also better understand the world around them and can identify objects and concepts more clearly, especially when they learn verbal communication and talking. The first bond a child develops, and one of the most important, is the one they have with their mother. 

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This increased awareness and the bond that the child develops are unique to this specific time of year. Mother’s Day is when we celebrate the maternal figures who gave us life and show our love and appreciation for them. Now that your toddler has reached a significant stage in their development, they can understand the importance of the holiday and learn how to be involved in the celebration. These are some unique gift ideas that your child can take part in making. They’re easy, fun, and will have memories that will last a lifetime. 

Hand and Footprint Cards 

There’s no denying that children grow up fast. Capturing the memories of these formative years is essential, and hand and footprint greeting cards or posters can be a great way to make a unique gift that shows the love of a child for their mother and captures their growth at that particular age. These are easy and fun; all you need is some construction paper and ink, and your child will enjoy the creative process, and the memories will last a lifetime. 

Painted Tote Bag 

The tote bag is one of the classic go-to gifts that are ideal for any special occasion, whether it’s Mother’s Day or a promotional giveaway to expand brand recognition. A blank canvas tote bag is relatively inexpensive and provides an excellent way for your child to develop their fledgling creativity. Painting the bag will hone your child’s motor skills, and the gift they both celebrate Mother’s Day and your child’s development is something that’s priceless. 

Mason Jar Candle Holder 

There’s a fair chance you have a few unused mason jars lying around your house. Rather than simply throwing them away, take the opportunity to repurpose them for good use. Glitter, paint, and even some decorative ribbons can highlight the jar’s exterior. After the mason jar has been transformed, a greeting card and a candle are all you need to let your toddler show his appreciation for his guiding light. 

Decorative Picture Frame 

Parents have a habit of documenting their children’s development as they grow up. Now, you can take the photographs that you’ve taken up to this point, select one or several, and make a decorative picture frame with your toddler to place them in. A basic picture frame is relatively inexpensive, and you can oversee their efforts at decoration. Talk to them about what they might like, such as glitter, paint, and other decorative options, and let them express their creativity. 

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