Easter Crafts for Kids That Are Easy and Fun!

Easter is almost here, and it’s always a joyous time for many reasons, especially for children. One way to spread holiday spirit and cheer is by participating in fun arts-and-crafts activities with your child. It’s a terrific way to build skills and create something decorative for Easter.

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Here are a few examples of how to do this.

East Crafts Ideas for Kids

  1. Easter-Themed Painted Rocks – This one’s a lot of fun, and very simple to do. All you need is quality finger paint and a few egg-shaped, smooth-surface rocks. If you can’t find them in your area, home improvement stores carry everything you’d need. Then you can teach children, particularly toddlers, how to decorate rocks into beautiful, multi-colored eggs for Easter.
  2. Macaroni Easter-Ornament Eggs – Here we have another way to create Easter eggs, only this time with pasta items. It involves gluing and positioning macaroni or rigatoni pieces to an egg-shaped cutout, which you make from thicker construction paper.
  3. Finger-Knitting Bunnies – This activity might be a little more difficult, but it also teaches patience and prepares them to master their sewing skills later. Parents or teachers can work with little ones, showing them how to assemble adorable bunnies with nothing more than fingers, yarn, and just a little patience.
  4. Egg-Carton Chicks – Many of us may remember the litany of decoration opportunities that came from those cardboard egg cartons. There are plenty of tutorials for this semi-complex craft, but they all involve a cute Easter-themed chick with room in its beak for candies and jelly beans.
  5. Paper-Plate Bunnies – Paper plates are another common item with boundless decorative possibilities. One of those involves using them for the round face of an Easter Bunny. Then, all you have to do is draw eyes, nose, and whiskers, before attaching construction-paper ears to the top for an easy and amusing finish.

ABC Central Child Development Center: Fostering Creative Growth for All Ages

Those are just a few ways to have fun with arts and crafts with children this Easter. Our teaching staff enjoys doing these types of things with children all the time, hoping to energize them and developing essential motor skills.

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