Choosing the right path: Montessori or Traditional Preschool?

Nowadays, it seems as if there is a preschool around every corner, and with so many choices for preschool programs, most parents can’t help but feel overwhelmed. In addition, parents do not want to send their children to just any old school; they want them to be in a safe, nurturing environment that allows them to easily develop and grow. 

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Similarly, parents also want the preschool they choose to benefit their child academically and also help instill a love for learning, growth, and discovery that will last throughout their schooling career. This is what leads parents to weigh up sending their children to a traditional preschool or a Montessori. 

But how can one choose between a Montessori or traditional preschool? Read on to discover the answer to this question and why an educational institute like ABC Central Child Development Center is the right choice for you and your child! 

Choosing The Right Path – Montessori Vs Traditional Preschool: What Is The Difference?

Below, we have detailed the differences between a traditional preschool and Montessori, alongside the benefits of each, to help you determine the right path for your children. 


A Montessori educational institute teaches children using the Montessori method. Maria Montessori, a three-time Nobel Prize nominee, scientifically founded this method. 

This teaching method focuses on the whole child instead of just standardized testing and academics. This is why Montessori’s are generally founded on four principles: Respect for the child, sensitive periods for learning, independence, and discovery within a prepared environment. 

Below, you can get a closer look at what a Montessori offers and its benefits in terms of education:

  • Uses smaller child-teacher ratios.
  • Children can learn at their own pace.
  • Has a flexible curriculum.
  • Children are free to make independent discoveries.
  • More emphasis is placed on cognitive development.
  • Teaching methods are based on science-based research.
  • Children have the liberty to speak as they please.
  • Has multi-age classrooms.
  • The learning environment is child-focused.
  • Children learn about themselves through self-correcting.
  • Children have the freedom to move around with fewer restricted areas.

Traditional Preschool

A traditional preschool typically expects all children in the same age group to meet the same benchmarks simultaneously. This teaching method generally introduces the same concepts across the board instead of allowing each child to learn and grow at their own pace. 

These types of facilities typically have varying curriculums from one another since they don’t adhere to any specific standards. As a result, one preschool may focus entirely on school readiness skills while another may focus entirely on a religion-based curriculum. 

Below, you can get a closer look at what a traditional preschool offers in terms of education:

  • It has a strict curriculum.
  • Has single-age classrooms.
  • Emphasis is on social development.
  • Not based on science-based research.
  • Uses a reward and punishment system as a means of motivation.
  • Silence is enforced.
  • The child-teacher ratio is roughly 25:1 (25 students to every teacher).
  • Instructions are based on the teacher’s pace.
  • Constant guidance by teachers limits independent discovery.
  • The learning environment is teacher-focused.
  • Strict rules and restricted areas.

Speak To ABC Central Child Development Center For Specialized Childhood Education

Now that you have more information on what a Montessori and a traditional preschool are and their main educational differences and benefits, you can make a better-informed decision. While many parents may believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to schooling is ideal, for those who wish to get a more tailored approach to their child’s childhood education, a Montessori is the way to go. 
So, speak to the education experts at ABC Central Child Development Center. They can cater to your child’s needs and create a tailored approach to their childhood education that works with their strengths and weaknesses.

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