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ABC Child Development Center Employment Opportunities

The dedication of ABC employees shines through in their commitment to offering the best educational experience for all the children in their care, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning. School readiness is a key focus, with an emphasis on developing a solid sense of self-esteem, leadership, and achievement in healthy, stimulating, and age-appropriate settings. ABC actively collaborates with families, school districts, and community entities to ensure positive and comprehensive growth opportunities for each child. Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and leadership is unwavering in the community. 

  • ABC Child Development Centers (Central, West, and Ault)
  • Bright School-Age Centers (Greeley/Evans, Johnstown/Milliken, Windsor/Severance, Pierce)
  • ABC’s Community Preschool Programs (Colorado Preschool Program – ABC East, ABC Scott, ABC Billie Martinez, and ABC Ault)

The commitment to five-star excellence is an ongoing priority for ABC. Our company has created and is committed to implementing strategies in five key areas: (1) education, (2) character development, (3) environment, (4) family partnerships, and (5) professionalism. We remain steadfast in our dedication to providing quality early learning and school-age education.

We are looking for staff who have a passion for teaching, are energetic, and positive.

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