Father’s Day Celebration Ideas Without the Tie

Perhaps we’ve all heard of “buying dad a tie” as the most overdone way to commemorate Father’s Day. Thankfully, there are scores of ways for children to have a terrific time with their fathers with more unique presents or activity ideas. There is no wrong way to do so, but we thought we might share a few helpful suggestions.

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Try These Terrific Ways to Honor Dad on Father’s Day

  1. Colored Picture Booklets – A lot of folks give store-bought cards or telegrams as gifts, but we’re more in favor of personalized items. It’s very simple, especially for a child, to draw or paint pictures and put them together into a catalog, booklet, or album. Little ones don’t have to be first-class artists to do a splendid job at this, either. Moms and teachers can assist with the assembly process and finishing touches. This is also one of those gifts that dad will have no excuse not to keep, for the sake of treasured memories, for many years.
  2. Prepare a Delicious Meal or Dessert – Hard-working fathers get hungry just like anyone else. If you don’t know his favorite food or dessert, then now’s the time to tease that out of him, and prepare to make it for him on Father’s Day. Done properly, this can fit into an entire family picnic when the day arrives (June 16th this year).
  3. Suggest an Outdoor Adventure – Not only is summer almost here but also all the abundant outdoor activities that go along with the warm season in Colorado. What better time to suggest a nice road trip, grill food outdoors, plan a bicycle trip, go camping, hike a trail, or even just lounge on the back patio. 
  4. Watch Movies Together – Find some of the family’s favorite movies, order pizza, pop some popcorn, adjust your home movie theater, and indulge in an amusing marathon. By the way, don’t forget that since Father’s Day lasts the entire day, you could do more than one of these activities (if you so choose).

ABC Child Development Center Wishes You a Happy Father’s Day 

We hope your family enjoys a warm and relaxing Father’s Day.

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