Home Activities to Enjoy With Your Toddler 

It’s no secret that children develop at a rapid rate. Not only do they grow up quickly, but their minds are naturally intuitive and curious about the world around them. When children enter the toddler phase of their development, their minds become more focused on various subjects, and their motor skills develop as well. One of the best things you can do as a parent is assist their development by involving them in some fun and simple activities around the house. 

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Sensory Activities 

Touch is among the senses children develop in their early years—the development t of sensory skills such as textures and shapes, all detected by touch. Giving your toddler access to various household items will allow them to develop these senses further. Items such as bags of pasta and cereal containers will enable them to grasp the concept of other shapes inside containers, which have unique shapes. Showing them different books will allow them to learn that an item is distinct from another but has the same premise. 

Arts and Crafts 

The ability to craft and create is something toddlers begin to develop around this time and do even more when they begin preschool. You can get a head start on this process with such activities as finger-painting, collages, and even an essential coloring book, which can begin to help them understand the concepts of color and expression through creativity. Another great item to explore at this particular age is introducing them to building blocks, further introducing them to shapes, and encouraging their creativity. 

Free Play 

Many children grow up thoroughly enjoying playtime. One of the beautiful parts about a child engaging in such activities is that it covers a broad spectrum of things to do. These can include classic games like Follow the Leader and even more complex activities like swinging and light aerobics. Children must develop a healthy appreciation for physical activity at an early age, as this will allow them to remain physically active throughout their development. 

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