Easy DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, children everywhere seek a special way to express their love and appreciation for their maternal parents. Learning how to be creative and use cognitive skills is an essential aspect of any child’s development. A great way to celebrate Mother’s Day and make it enjoyable for your child is to let them get in touch with their creative side and craft some DIY gifts. These are some fun activities that won’t cost much money but will provide a wealth of fond memories. 

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Paper Bag Flowers 

Flowers have been a staple of Mother’s Day for many years. Your child can add their own creativity to this tradition with nothing more than a brown paper bag, some construction paper, and a few crayons. By adding a base for the flowers to rest in and decorating the bag with lively colors, you can take a unique tradition and allow your child to give it their own personal touch. 

Greeting Card with Fingerprint Hearts 

DIY greeting cards are excellent choices for any occasion, and working closely with your child on Mother’s Day to make unique ones can be very fun and provide a great sentiment. Rather than simply drawing or pasting hearts on your card of choice, get some red ink and use their fingerprints to make little hearts. It’s a simple project but one that will be remarkably enjoyable for everyone. 

Decorative Picture Frame 

There’s a very good chance that you’ve spent a lot of time documenting your child’s growth through many photos, and you might even have some that feature the whole family together. Here’s a chance to give your favorite one a new home in the form of a decorative picture frame. This is a fun activity that’s actually very easy to do. You can take a basic picture frame or make one of your own with cardboard or construction paper. Let your child decorate it any way they like; this gives the photo a unique presentation that will celebrate motherhood. 

Painted Rocks 

If the Mother of your child enjoys gardening or adorable decorations in the home, this is one craft that she will love, and your child will have a lot of fun making. All you need are some smooth rocks and some paint. You can make ladybugs, happy faces, and much more with the help of your child’s imagination. 
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