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Striving for our centers to become beacons of warmth for the families we serve—places where the trials of their lives are comforted by the caring and empathetic nature of our devoted staff.
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Probe into the Core of Our Child Care Centers with Answers to Common Queries. From Ensuring Safety to Describing Daily Activities, We’re Committed to Supplying the Information You Seek to Make a Confident and Informed Decision Regarding Your Child’s Care.

Tuition includes healthy USDA meals and snacks for all age groups (including breakfast, lunch, and snack), wipes for toddlers, field trips, swimming lessons, and engaging learning experiences. 

Hours vary by location, but we open as early as 5:30am and close as late as 6:15 pm. 

Parent communication is handled in a variety of ways. We utilize the My ProCare app so parents can stay in tune with what and how much their children are eating, their sleeping habits, and the activities they are doing throughout the day. Teachers not only log this information but also send pictures through the app throughout the day to help you feel connected. We also communicate by phone, email, and also in person on a daily basis.

Yes! We do offer a multiple-child discount. Please call for more information.

We do! Parents are welcome to stop in or call any time and come and check on their child.

Yes! We accept a variety of tuition assistance including CCAP. Please call for more information.

Yes! We are open year-round excluding the 6 major holidays.  

Visit our locations page to view what elementary schools we offer care 

Yes! In order to be employed, teachers must meet qualifications set by the State to be eligible to work  with certain age groups. All of our teachers are also registered in the Colorado Shines Professional  Development Information System. In this system they are able to create a Professional Development  Plan with their Director, and take advantage of Professional Development Trainings to deepen their  understanding of children and to gain teaching tools for their toolbox. All of our teachers are also CPR  and First Aid Certified. 

No problem! If you are unsure where to start or which program is the best fit, please fill out our Inquiry  form here and we would love to connect with you. 

Rated 5-Stars on the Colorado Shines Quality Rating scale

ABC Child Development Centers & Bright School-Age Centers steadfastly adhere to their mission, centered on Health/Safety, Enrichments, Staff, and a Commitment to Quality.
Prioritizing Safety and Education Enrichment: The Design Philosophy of Our Centers
ABC Child Development Centers & Bright School-Age Centers: Where Safe and Enriching Spaces Unfold for Your Child’s Educational Expedition.
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Discover the Perfect Program for Nurturing Your Child’s Growth.



Designed for children 12 months to 2.6 years of age.
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For children 2.6 years old to 5 years old.
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Designed for children 5 years old – 12 years old.
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Find the perfect program for your child

Discover the ideal program to nurture your child’s growth



School Age

Captivating Activities Appropriate for All Ages.
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